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Quality of Care


Community Engagement

Becoming an active member of the community is strongly supported, and community involvement is often a natural result of the skills and self-assurance that residents acquire at The Ledges. Most individuals find themselves forming friendships and exploring community connections in a variety of ways.

Residents can choose to take continuing education classes, work at jobs, participate in sports, travel, or explore personal interests in the community. Individuals are encouraged to work with staff to access activities which are personalized to their interests and abilities. The Ledges’ activities calendar is filled with community-based courses, social and cultural events, and holiday celebrations.

Here in Hopedale, Massachusetts, our residents work out at fitness classes, go bowling, see the latest movies, and visit the library. Local shops, businesses, and banks enable people to conduct business and run errands as often as they may need to. Meanwhile, day trips to nearby Boston or Providence offer opportunities to explore museums, dine out, attend sporting events, or enjoy the theater.

While we are pleased to provide a broad range of community activities, we encourage our residents to plan their own leisure time to fit their lifestyles. Our offerings allow individuals the freedom to develop personal interests at their own pace and discretion.

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