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Services Offered


Residential Program

The Ledges’ residential system allows individuals to receive care in a manner that is consistent with their personal needs and levels of independence.

The Ledges operates several community residences, generally with between three and five individuals living at each residence. Our community residences are staffed in order to assist the individuals with their daily activities, and to provide help in the event of an emergency. The Ledges also offers support to individuals who choose to live independently in the community without staff assistance.

For those individuals with more significant medical concerns, The Ledges offers a larger, assisted living style residence. This location is fully staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and has the resources to provide appropriate care for a wide range of medical needs.

The residences at The Ledges truly become a home for each person we serve. Individuals are encouraged to decorate their rooms in a style becoming of their personality, and staff members respect that each residence is more than a worksite – it is a home.

The Ledges receives residential referrals from the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, the Statewide Head Injury Program, as well as from private clientele throughout the country.

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